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  • Being There
    ... I've gotta plug this great book... You will marvel at the number of these places that you've passed by countless times without going in.
  • goodnosh: Deulac Korean Trattoria
  • BlogTO | Cheat Eats, the Guide.
    The 2006 edition of Cheap Eats Toronto has hit the presses and will be lining book shelves around the city some time next week.... The book, also available online, will cost you just under 12 loonies before tax... or approx 2.5 breakfasts. If you're too cheap for even that, check out the Eat & Drink section or search "Cheap Eats" on blogTO.
  • Von and Moggy's Journal - Ramblings.
    But first some cool news. The new Cheapeats Toronto book is all printed and ready to go out! Check out for more information-- and make sure to get your copy when it's in stores next week! You won't regret it. In fact, even if you don't live in TO, you should get a copy, anyways, just cuz it's the cool thing to do. Oh and you should really get a Cheapeats Ottawa, too. So wander on over to your local bookstore and make them sell you one of each. Now. Stop reading and go. Now. :)
  • The Sour Patch - Toronto Eats on the Cheap
    If you live in any big city, then you know that eating on the cheap, while a necessity for most of us, is also a treasure chest of hidden delights. And the people who put out Cheap Eats Toronto have taken that to the next level...

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